About Us

Bloomfield Investment Club is a club dedicated to providing it's members with information and alerts on hot stocks before the rest of the herd gets the information. We also allow members to provide information on stocks that they think would be of interest to other members of the club. We all know that there is a huge amount of money being made in the public markets and being ahead of the herd enables club members to maximize their profits.

The directors of Bloomfield Investment Club have made money trading momentum stocks. Our picks are selected from a variety of methods and we bring them directly to club members through our direct mail newsletters and email alerts. Momentum stocks are extremely volatile and very risky, so we encourage the novice to watch and learn for a while. Maybe try some simulated trading or paper trading until you get the hang of it. Don't forget you will never go broke taking a profit, and in searching for the top you might find yourself at the bottom.

Join the club and enjoy the ride, let Bloomfield Investment Club help you make that fortune that has up until now seemed just out of your grasp.

Don't forget to tell your friends and associates about us, because when it comes to momentum stocks...the more the merrier!!!

Membership Benefits

  1. In-depth company profiles on featured companies
  2. Economical Streaming Level II service (several packages available)
  3. Real-time detailed stock quote service
  4. Email alerts and updates on present companies and upcoming companies

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